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Cell culture flask 2

This flask provides a reliable and high-performance solution for cell culture in the laboratory. With its precise design and advanced technology, the HWTAi cell culture flask creates an optimal environment for cell growth and development. It provides a stable and sterile environment, ensuring consistent results in various cell culture applications. Upgrade your laboratory equipment with HWTAi cell culture flask to enhance your cell culture techniques and achieve successful cell culture experiments with ease and reliability.



The cell culture flask is the most suitable culture vessel for long-term cell culture, large-scale cell expansion and pollution prevention in the laboratory. Cell culture flasks can be onveniently and safely process cells to ensure the safety of the experimental process. There are four sizes of cell culture flasks: 25cm2, 75cm2, 175cm2, 225cm2, Provide TC treatment and non-TC treatment two kinds of surface

●0.22μm PTFE hydrophobic membrane technology and excellent gas exchange performance;

●The optimized wide-mouth Bottleneck design increases the operable range of the culture flask and ensures simple and accurate cell processing;

●The high skirt on the back allows the culture Bottles to be stably stacked, and the support bar at the bottom of the Bottle ensures that it stays upright when standing;

●The bottle shoulder frosted area design is convenient for writing and marking;

●Real-time pressure test during the production process to ensure that the culture bottle is 100% leakfree and safe to operate;

●Hydrophilic surface treatment ensures that the contact angle is within 15~30° to ensure the ability of cells to adhere to the wall;

●Sterilization assurance level:SAL 10-6;

●Each package has a batch number for easy quality tracking

cell culture flask sealed cap TC treated 25cm²,TC trea 2.png