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PP Reagent Bottle

Reagent Bottle



(1) The raw materials are made of high quality polyethylene without biological toxicity; They are produced in the production environment of 100,000 grade purification workshop, and multiple quality system certification to ensure that the products are free of DNase, RNase, protease and exogenous DNA/RNA, pyrogen, and the sterilized plastic bottles are sterilized by gamma ray; no washing, no need of tedious clean pretreatment, that is to say, it can be used when opened. It greatly improves the packaging efficiency for users. The inner bags are thickened to ensure the safety of transportation and storage.


(2) Varieties are complete, 8 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml, 60 ml, 125 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 7 specifications and 35 varieties, which can meet the packaging in different specifications and storage requirements. There are transparent, white and amber colors to choose from. Amber plastic reagent bottles have excellent shading function and can be used to store light sensitive substances.


(3) Its mouth is designed professionally for preventing leakage, without inner cover or inner pad protection, excellent sealing performance, 100% to ensure no leakage,easy access for liquid.


(4) The imported high-quality PP/PE HDPE raw material is chosen which has excellent physical and chemical properties, strong compressive, impact and acid-alkali resistance; the polypropylene has high temperature resistance of 121℃ and the polyethylene has low temperature resistance of -80℃, which meets the sterilization treatment requirements in high temperature and high pressure.


(5) High-precision digital control production equipment is introduced. The product is exquisite workmanship, comfortable handle, uniform thickness of the bottle body, high gloss, no chromatic aberration, high homogeneity between different batches.


(6) High-end moulding technology and surface treatment technology are adopted in the process. The inner and outer surfaces of plastic bottles are smooth and the reagents are not attached to the wall, which can greatly reduce the sample loss.


(7) The product has strong interchangeability and can replace imported products. It can provide customized LOGO services and mold opening and customized production services for users.

Product NamePlastic Reagent Bottle
ColorTransparent, White, Amber

8ml PP Transparent  plastic uses of reagent bottle