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Cell culture flask

A cell culture flask is a specialized vessel used in the field of cell culture to provide an optimal environment for the growth and proliferation of cells outside their natural environment. It is typically made of plastic or glass and comes in various sizes to accommodate different cell culture experiments.

Cell culture flasks are designed with a flat or curved-bottom surface to support the attachment and growth of cells. They also have a vented cap or filter to facilitate gas exchange while preventing contamination. Some flasks have additional features such as treated surfaces to enhance cell adherence or baffles to improve mixing and nutrient distribution.

These flasks are essential in biomedical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological research, where cells are cultured for studying their behavior, disease modeling, drug development, and tissue engineering. By providing an optimal growth environment, cell culture flasks enable researchers to maintain healthy and viable cells, leading to reliable and reproducible experimental results.



1. Bottle material: PETG, Bottle cap material: HDPE

2. High-strength white nylon cap with precise graduations on the Bottle body.

3. The bottle body is square, convenient to hold, convenient to store and transport.

4.The specifications are 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml.

5.Strict leak test to ensure no leakage.

6.No DNA/RNase, no heat source, no endotoxin.

7.Can withstand low temperature -135 ℃ frozen storage.

8.Sterilized by gamma radiation.

Product numberProduct namesizecaliberSterilization   methodPacking   specification
720101125ml square   culture medium bottle, sterilized58*50mm33mmGamma irradiation10/bag,10bags/ctn
721101250ml square   culture medium bottle, sterilized92*60mm33mmGamma irradiation10/bag,10bags/ctn
722101500ml square   culture medium bottle, sterilized117*78mm33mmGamma irradiation5/bag,5bags/ctn
7231011000ml square   culture medium bottle, sterilized145*90mm33mmGamma irradiation4/bag,5bags/ctn

Experience Optimal Cell Cultivation with HWTAi Cell Culture Flask

Cell culture plays a vital role in scientific research, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries. The success and quality of cell cultivation rely heavily on the tools and equipment used in the process. HWTAi, a leading brand in scientific laboratory supplies, presents its Cell Culture Flask, designed to provide researchers with a superior environment for optimal cell growth and cultivation.

The HWTAi Cell Culture Flask is meticulously engineered to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance. Crafted with premium materials, these flasks offer excellent durability and longevity, with the ability to withstand rigorous laboratory conditions. This reliability allows researchers to focus on their experiments without worrying about the integrity of their cell culture vessels.

One of the key features that sets the HWTAi Cell Culture Flask apart is its sterile surface. Maintaining a sterile environment is crucial in cell culture, as any contamination can compromise the integrity of the cells and lead to unreliable results. HWTAi's flasks are produced using advanced sterilization techniques, ensuring a clean and uncontaminated surface that provides an ideal growth environment for cells.

To further enhance usability and convenience, these flasks come with tight-sealing caps that prevent any leakage or evaporation. This feature is essential for maintaining a consistent and controlled environment during the cultivation process. Researchers can trust that their cell cultures will remain undisturbed and unaffected by external factors, promoting accurate and reliable results.

HWTAi Cell Culture Flasks also boast precise graduations that allow accurate volume measurements. This feature is especially crucial in maintaining consistency and reproducibility across experiments. Accurate volume measurement ensures researchers can precisely control the concentration of cells and the media, leading to reliable and accurate experimental outcomes.

The versatility of the HWTAi Cell Culture Flask is an added advantage. It accommodates a broad range of cell types and applications, including adherent cell lines, suspension cultures, and scale-up processes. With this flexibility, researchers can seamlessly transition between different experiments and cell types without the need for multiple flask options.

Researchers can trust HWTAi's commitment to excellence in manufacturing laboratory supplies. Their Cell Culture Flasks undergo rigorous quality control procedures to ensure that each flask meets the highest industry standards. This dedication to quality instills confidence in researchers, knowing they are working with reliable tools that contribute to the success of their cell culture endeavors.

In summary, the HWTAi Cell Culture Flask offers researchers an exceptional vessel for optimal cell growth and cultivation. With its sterile surface, tight-sealing caps, precise graduations, and versatility, these flasks provide researchers with a reliable and controlled environment for their cell culture experiments and applications. Trust HWTAi for cutting-edge laboratory supplies that enhance the accuracy and reproducibility of your cell culture studies.


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