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Erlenmeyer flask

Introducing our Erlenmeyer Flask - the essential laboratory glassware for precise and efficient liquid handling. Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, our Erlenmeyer flasks are designed with a flat, broad base, a conical body, and a narrow neck. This unique shape allows for easy swirling and mixing of liquids without the risk of splashing or spillage.
HWTAI Erlenmeyer flasks come in a range of sizes, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your specific needs. Whether you're conducting titrations, storing samples, or culturing microbial cultures, our flasks provide the ideal environment for your experiments.



1.Shaker is made of medical-grade PETG, which meets the requirements of food and drug contact management and avoids the problem of BISphenol A;

The product adopts independent vacuum packaging, easy to use, avoid cross infection; Seamless Bottle body, one-time blow molding, to avoid surface scars or cell wall rupture;

2.The surface finish meets the requirements of mirror, and the permeability is close to glass, reducing the risk of cell sticking to the wall.

3.The size of the Bottle mouth conforms to the international SBS standard and is suitable for the quick connection of bioreactor. 4.Electron beam sterilization,  no DNase/RNase, no heat source, no endotoxin.

transmittance, the cells can grow to a higher density.

6.The 5L flask handle is designed for easy lifting to avoid the risk of contamination caused by the head being too close to the Bottle mouth during use

7.2.8L culture bottle bottom optimization, save space, greatly improve the use rate of shaker, reduce the cost of customer research and development production

8.The bottle body adopts extrusion blowing technology, the bottle body is smooth, reducing the risk of cell adherent wall and foaming of culture medium

9.Irradiation sterilization, aseptic packaging easy access.

Product   number

Product   name


Sterilization   method

Packing   specification


125ML conical   flask,sterilized


Gamma irradiation



250ML conical   flask,sterilized


Gamma irradiation



500ML conical   flask,sterilized


Gamma irradiation



1000ML conical   flask,sterilized


Gamma irradiation



2.8lL   conical flask,sterilized


Gamma irradiation



5L conical flask,sterilized


Gamma irradiation


Enhance Your Lab Experiments with HWTAi's High-Quality Erlenmeyer Flask

For laboratory experiments and research, having reliable and top-quality equipment is of utmost importance. HWTAi, a renowned brand in the field of scientific laboratory supplies, offers its exceptional Erlenmeyer Flask to meet the demands of researchers and scientists. With its superior design and outstanding performance, the HWTAi Erlenmeyer Flask is the perfect choice for your laboratory needs.

Crafted with precision and using the highest quality materials, the HWTAi Erlenmeyer Flask guarantees excellent durability and longevity. Its robust construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of the laboratory environment, providing users with a reliable and long-lasting flask that can be used repeatedly without compromising performance.

One of the standout features of the HWTAi Erlenmeyer Flask is its innovative design. The conical shape and wide mouth of the flask are specifically engineered to facilitate efficient mixing and prevent spills during stirring or agitation. This design promotes better heat distribution and optimal gas exchange, making it ideal for a wide range of applications including chemical reactions, culture media preparation, and sample storage.

HWTAi understands the importance of maintaining a sterile environment in laboratory experiments. The Erlenmeyer Flask by HWTAi is manufactured using advanced sterilization techniques, ensuring a clean and contaminant-free surface. This sterile surface prevents the growth of undesirable microorganisms and guarantees the integrity of your experimental results.

The HWTAi Erlenmeyer Flask also features precise volume markings printed directly on the flask. These graduations allow for accurate measurements, ensuring reproducibility and eliminating the need for additional measuring equipment. With clear volume markings, researchers can confidently measure and dispense precise amounts of liquids, contributing to the accuracy of their experiments.

The versatility of the HWTAi Erlenmeyer Flask is another aspect that sets it apart. It can accommodate a wide range of volumes, from smaller quantities to larger volumes, making it suitable for numerous applications. From small-scale experiments to large-scale production, this flask offers the flexibility required to meet diverse research needs.

HWTAi maintains a strict commitment to quality control. Each Erlenmeyer Flask undergoes thorough testing and inspection to ensure that it meets the highest industry standards. This dedication to quality guarantees that every flask performs flawlessly, providing researchers with reliable and accurate results.

In conclusion, the HWTAi Erlenmeyer Flask offers scientists and researchers a superior solution for their laboratory needs. With its durable construction, efficient design, sterile surface, precise volume markings, and versatility, this flask maximizes the success of experiments and enhances research outcomes. Trust HWTAi to provide you with exceptional laboratory supplies that meet and exceed your expectations.