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Electric pipette pump

Experience effortless liquid transfer with HWTAi Electric Pipette Pump. Designed by the trusted HWTAi brand, this electric pipette pump offers a reliable and efficient solution for accurate liquid handling in the laboratory. With its user-friendly design and precise control, the HWTAi electric pipette pump simplifies the process of liquid transfer, saving time and effort for laboratory professionals. Whether you're working with small volumes or larger volumes, HWTAi electric pipette pump ensures consistent and reliable results. Upgrade your laboratory equipment with HWTAi electric pipette pump to streamline your workflow and achieve precise liquid handling in your experiments and analyses.


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An electric Pipette pump, also known as an electronic pipettor or motorized Pipette, is a laboratory instrument used to accurately and precisely measure and transfer small volumes of liquid. It is an advanced version of the manual Pipette and is designed to streamline and automate liquid handling tasks in the laboratory, reducing user fatigue and increasing efficiency.


  1. Motorized Operation: The electric Pipette pump is powered by an internal motor, which allows for automatic aspiration and dispensing of liquids. The motor controls the movement of the piston within the pipette, making it easier to handle multiple pipetting tasks.

  2. Adjustable Volume: Electric pipette pumps usually have a range of adjustable volumes, allowing users to select the desired volume for aspirating and dispensing liquid. Some models have a single-channel design, while others can accommodate multi-channel pipetting.

  3. LCD Display: Many electric pipette pumps come with an LCD screen that shows important information, such as the selected volume, battery status, and operational modes.

  4. Multiple Pipetting Modes: They often offer different pipetting modes, such as forward pipetting, reverse pipetting, and multi-dispensing, to cater to various liquid handling requirements.

  5. Ergonomic Design: Electric pipette pumps are designed for user comfort with an ergonomic grip, minimizing strain during extended use.

  6. Rechargeable Battery: To enable portability and flexibility in the laboratory, electric pipette pumps typically come with a rechargeable battery, which allows them to be used without direct connection to a power source.

  7. Compatibility: Electric pipette pumps are compatible with standard disposable pipette tips, making them a convenient replacement for manual pipettes.

  8. Accuracy and Precision: These devices are known for their high accuracy and precision, ensuring reliable and reproducible results.

Upgrade Your Laboratory Experience with HWTAi Electric Pipette Pump

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Liquid handling is a fundamental task in any laboratory setting. Precision and accuracy play a crucial role, as accurate measurements can make or break experimental outcomes. Introducing the HWTAi Electric Pipette Pump, a reliable and efficient solution designed to simplify liquid transfer and elevate your laboratory experience.

HWTAi, a reputable brand with a focus on quality and innovation, has developed the electric pipette pump to meet the needs of scientists and researchers worldwide. This cutting-edge device combines advanced technology with user convenience, ensuring effortless and precise liquid handling.

One of the standout features of the HWTAi electric pipette pump is its user-friendly design. The lightweight and ergonomic construction make it comfortable to hold and operate, minimizing user fatigue during long hours of pipetting. The intuitive control panel allows for easy adjustment of volume settings, giving you precise control over liquid transfer.

Efficiency is at the heart of the HWTAi electric pipette pump. With the ability to handle both small and large volumes of liquid, this device is versatile and adaptable to the varying demands of different laboratory applications. The electric pump mechanism ensures a smooth and consistent liquid transfer, eliminating the tedious and error-prone manual pipetting process.

HWTAi has prioritized accuracy when designing the electric pipette pump. The precise calibration and adjustable speed settings allow for accurate and reproducible liquid handling, ensuring consistent results across experiments. Say goodbye to inconsistent measurements and embrace the reliability of the HWTAi electric pipette pump.

Laboratories dealing with a high volume of liquid transfer tasks will greatly benefit from the efficiency and comfort provided by the HWTAi electric pipette pump. By streamlining workflow and reducing manual pipetting errors, this device saves time and effort and enhances productivity in the lab.

HWTAi is committed to delivering high-quality laboratory equipment, and the electric pipette pump is no exception. Rigorous testing and quality control measures ensure that each device meets the highest standards of performance and durability. With HWTAi, you can trust that your investment in the electric pipette pump will yield long-lasting and reliable results.

Upgrade your laboratory experience today with HWTAi Electric Pipette Pump. Say goodbye to tedious manual pipetting and embrace effortless and precise liquid transfer. Explore our range of HWTAi electric pipette pumps and take your liquid handling to the next level. Trust HWTAi for quality, reliability, and efficiency in your laboratory.