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Spinal needle with quickle tip

Spinal needle with quickle tip is used in subarachnoid puncture for spinal anesthesia, its transparent needle hub provides convenience to observe the outflow of the cerebrospinal fluid.The spinal needle with a Quickle tip has emerged as a game-changer in the field of lumbar punctures, revolutionizing the diagnostic accuracy and efficiency of these procedures. In this article, we delve into the significance of this innovative needle design, highlighting its ability to improve precision and streamline the overall process. Join us in exploring the advantages and advancements brought by the spinal needle with a Quickle tip and uncover why healthcare professionals widely rely on its usage for successful lumbar punctures.


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Spinal Needle with quickle tip is used in subarachnoid puncture for spinal anesthesia, its transparent Needle hub provides convenience to observe the outflow of the cerebrospinal fluid.


Product Feature:

Ⅰ. It's superior maneuverable to puncture levels clearly,and it also can be stable to puncture the part;

Ⅱ. The Needle tick mark is clear,it can accurately grasp the depth of puncture;

Ⅲ. Needle body do grinding processing after ultrasonic emulsification , the needle of pipe is clean and smooth and the lining core is very unimpeded;

Ⅳ. According to the clinical application of requirement, tip of blade Angle have a precise design. It's more convenient for catheter to insert and pull out , improving the safety of operation.

Needle lengthColor code
18G x 90mmPink
19G x 90mmCream
20G x 90mmYellow
21G x 90mm/120mmGreen
22G x 90mm/120mmBlack
23G x 90mm/120mmBlue
24G x 90mm/120mmPurple
25G x 90mm/120mmOrange
26G x 90mmGreen-blue
27G x 90mmGrey

Spinal Needle with Quickle Tip: Advancing Precision and Efficiency in Lumbar Punctures

Lumbar punctures play a pivotal role in diagnosing and treating various medical conditions affecting the central nervous system. Ensuring precise and efficient needle insertion in the spinal canal is crucial for both accurate diagnostic results and patient comfort. The advent of the spinal needle with a Quickle tip has revolutionized lumbar puncture procedures, offering significant advancements that benefit both healthcare professionals and patients.

  1. Enhanced Precision:

The Quickle tip design of the spinal needle improves precision during needle insertion. Its unique taper and length-to-diameter ratio allow for controlled and accurate penetration of the spinal canal, reducing the risk of unintended tissue damage. The Quickle tip provides better maneuverability, allowing for swift and precise adjustments during the procedure.

  1. Streamlined Procedure:

The innovative design of the spinal needle with a Quickle tip also increases the efficiency of lumbar puncture procedures. Its incorporation of multiple side ports promotes improved cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow, reducing procedure time. This enhanced flow can lead to a more accurate collection of CSF samples for diagnosis, eliminating the need for repeated attempts and potential procedural disruptions.

  1. Improved Patient Comfort:

The Quickle tip design not only enhances precision and efficiency but also contributes to improved patient comfort during lumbar punctures. Its reduced resistance and smooth needle insertion result in reduced tissue trauma, minimizing pain and discomfort for the patient. By reducing the anxiety associated with the procedure, the Quickle tip improves the overall patient experience during lumbar punctures.

  1. Optimizing Diagnostic Accuracy:

The spinal needle with a Quickle tip plays a vital role in optimizing diagnostic accuracy. By minimizing the potential for tissue damage and improving CSF flow, this needle design helps obtain clear and uncontaminated fluid samples. Accurate CSF analysis aids in the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions such as meningitis, multiple sclerosis, and intracranial hemorrhage.

In conclusion, the spinal needle with a Quickle tip offers enhanced precision, efficiency, and patient comfort in lumbar puncture procedures. Its unique design facilitates controlled and accurate needle insertion, streamlining the overall procedure. The Quickle tip's features also contribute to improved patient comfort and optimized diagnostic accuracy. Healthcare professionals greatly rely on the spinal needle with a Quickle tip to ensure successful and safe lumbar punctures, allowing for accurate diagnoses, effective treatments, and enhanced patient care.