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Biochemical Analyzer A26-30

Biochemical analyzers play a crucial role in modern healthcare, revolutionizing the diagnostic process and enhancing the accuracy of medical testing. This article delves into the significance of these advanced instruments, exploring their benefits, and highlighting their impact on patient care.


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Item No


Packing Info.


Case Size(cm)


Sample cup for Roche E1010,E2010,E170,E601 Biochemical Analyzer

4000pcs/bag X 10



Sample cup for Roche E1010,E2010,E170,E601 Biochemical Analyzer(Rack packed)

60pcs/box X 240



Tips for Roche Biochemical Analyzer




Tips for Roche Biochemical Analyzer(Rack packed)

120pcs/box X120



Tips and samples cups for Roche Biochemical Analyzer
(Set Package)


Remark:A26 matches with BoehrimMan Biochemical Analyzer & Roche Incubation Analyzer;        Matches with BoehrimMan E1010/E2010/E170/E601 Biochemical Analyzer. A27 Rack Packed Tip,for BoehrimMan & Roche 2010Electro Chemiluminescence         Immunoassay Analyzer. A28 matches with Roche Luminescence Immunoassay Analyzer. A29 RackPacked Tip,for Roche 2010 Electro Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer. A30 Set Packed Cup & Tip for Roche E170/E601 Electro Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer.

Biochemical analyzers have become indispensable tools in the field of healthcare diagnostics. With their advanced capabilities, these instruments revolutionize medical testing procedures, offering accurate and efficient results that aid in diagnosing various medical conditions and monitoring patient health.

The primary function of a biochemical analyzer is to automate the testing of biological samples, allowing for the simultaneous analysis of multiple parameters. By automating the process, these analyzers eliminate human error, minimize manual intervention, enhance precision, and deliver consistent and reliable results.

One of the key advantages of using a biochemical analyzer is laboratory automation. This automation enables higher throughput, meaning that more samples can be processed within a shorter period. This not only saves time but also increases the efficiency of diagnostic laboratories, allowing healthcare professionals to deliver faster and more reliable diagnoses.

Furthermore, biochemical analyzers contribute to improved patient care through their ability to provide accurate and precise results. By analyzing various analytes in biological samples, these instruments aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases and help healthcare professionals make informed decisions regarding patient treatment and management.

The benefits of using biochemical analyzers extend beyond accuracy and efficiency. These instruments also offer user-friendly interfaces, comprehensive reporting features, and seamless integration with laboratory information systems, making it easier for healthcare professionals to interpret and manage test results.

To ensure optimal performance, regular calibration, maintenance, and adherence to manufacturer guidelines are crucial. It is also essential for healthcare professionals to undergo proper training on operating the specific biochemical analyzer being used in their laboratory.

In conclusion, biochemical analyzers have revolutionized healthcare diagnostics by offering accurate and efficient testing capabilities. With laboratory automation, these instruments enhance the accuracy and speed of medical testing, leading to improved patient care. By leveraging the benefits of biochemical analyzers, healthcare professionals can provide more precise diagnoses and enhance the overall quality of healthcare delivery.