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Disposable incision distraction fixator

It is suitable for small incision surgery and minimally invasive surgery to expand the incision field, prevent incision injury and reduce incision infection.Disposable incision distraction fixators have revolutionized wound care by providing enhanced stability and management for surgical incisions. This article delves into the advantages of these innovative medical devices, which promote optimal healing and improve patient recovery. By examining the features and benefits of disposable incision distraction fixators, we explore how they alleviate tension, reduce discomfort, and contribute to improved outcomes in the wound healing process. Discover how these specialized fixators play a crucial role in enhancing wound care and supporting successful surgical recovery.


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It is suitable for small incision surgery and minimally invasive surgery to expand the incision field, prevent incision injury and reduce incision infection.

[How to use]

1. This product is used by qualified doctors or under their guidance, strictly in accordance with the surgical specifications, and aseptic operation.

2. Choose product specifications according to abdominal wall thickness, incision, and expansion size.

3. Operation method:

(PQA type) (1) Configuration preparation: flatten the implant ring into a tongue shape, push it into the incision, the inner ring elastically expands, and jam the inner wall of the incision; (2) Insert the incision: pinch the outer snap ring with both hands at 3 o'clock At the 9 o'clock position, the eversion or inversion will shorten the passage, and the radial expansion force of the passage will continue to increase until the outer ring can no longer be reversed, and the incision is fully expanded and protected; (3) Take out: stretch with your fingers Into the incision. Buckle the implant ring and pull it out or push it from the channel to the inner and outer ring, and then pull it out after displacement. You can also use a hooked appliance to pull it out.

(PQB type) (1) Configuration preparation: turn a part of the inner snap ring into the pipe and pass through the outer snap ring to turn it up from the pipe, so that the inner snap ring is divided into upper and lower parts in the outer snap ring, forming an upper and a lower part Tongue-like; (2) Embedding in incision: align the lower tongue-like anterior segment of the configured retractor to the incision and close to the incision wall, and then push the upper tongue to slowly expand the inner snap ring in the incision, and finally implant The ring is reset and inserted into the incision, the inner and the outer are separated, the channel is close to the incision wall, and the incision is expanded; (3) Take out: reach the fingertips into the retractor, pull a part of the implant ring, turn the implant ring and take it out from the incision , If the fingertips cannot be reached, you can use a hook to hook the inner snap ring and take it out; you can also push the inner and outer ring out of the channel to deform it and take it out.

Enhancing Wound Care with Disposable Incision Distraction Fixator

Effective wound care is vital for optimal healing and positive surgical outcomes. Among the array of medical devices available, disposable incision distraction fixators have emerged as an essential tool in managing surgical incisions and promoting successful wound healing. These specialized fixators offer several advantages to patients and medical professionals, including stability, tension reduction, and improved overall wound care.

  1. Providing Stability to Surgical Incisions:

Disposable incision distraction fixators provide stability to surgical incisions, promoting the healing process. By effectively securing the wound edges, these fixators minimize the chances of wound dehiscence (opening) and aid in the formation of strong, organized scar tissue. The stability offered by these devices significantly reduces the risk of infection and ensures proper wound healing.

  1. Alleviating Tension and Discomfort:

One of the primary benefits of disposable incision distraction fixators is their ability to alleviate tension and discomfort associated with surgical incisions. These fixators help distribute tension across the incision site, reducing the strain on the surrounding tissue. This feature aids in reducing patient discomfort and allows for a more comfortable recovery process.

  1. Supporting Optimal Healing:

Disposable incision distraction fixators play a crucial role in supporting optimal healing by facilitating an ideal environment for wound closure. By providing gentle traction on the incision edges, these fixators promote the alignment of collagen fibers, facilitating stronger and less noticeable scars. The controlled tension applied by the fixators enhances blood flow to the wound, encouraging faster healing and reducing the risk of complications.

  1. Convenience and Disposable Nature:

The disposable nature of incision distraction fixators offers convenience and ensures sterility. The devices are designed for single-use, eliminating the need for cleaning and sterilizing between patients. This feature saves valuable time for medical professionals and reduces the risk of cross-contamination, making them a hygienic and efficient option for wound care.

In conclusion, disposable incision distraction fixators have become an integral part of quality wound care and surgical recovery. By providing stability, alleviating tension, and supporting optimal healing, these specialized medical devices offer significant benefits to both patients and medical professionals. The ability to efficiently manage surgical incisions with disposable incision distraction fixators contributes to improved outcomes, reduced complications, and enhanced patient comfort. With their convenience and high efficacy, these fixators have become an essential tool in promoting successful wound healing and supporting positive surgical recovery.