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Disposable foreskin cutting stapler

Disposable foreskin cutting staplers are innovative surgical instruments that streamline the circumcision procedure while prioritizing safety and efficiency. This article highlights the benefits of utilizing disposable foreskin cutting staplers in removing the foreskin, minimizing complications, and ensuring faster healing. By exploring the various features and advantages of these specialized instruments, we delve into how they contribute to simplifying the procedure, reducing operative time, and maintaining a sterile surgical environment. Learn how disposable foreskin cutting staplers revolutionize the circumcision process, offering improved outcomes for both patients and healthcare providers.


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[ Application]
Circumcision Stapler is mainly used in urology to cut and sew penile foreskin, which is a big leap in urology, making complex and complicated work easy, convenient, fast and safe.

[How to use]

1. Select an appropriate size Stapler, check whether the sterile package is damaged, and turn the adjustment knob counterclockwise to expose the bell-shaped glans base for a certain distance.

2. Put the bell-shaped glans seat into the foreskin and cover it on the glans so that the edge of the bell is parallel to the coronal groove.

3. Rotate the adjusting knob clockwise, so that the bell-shaped glans base and the nail base can completely clamp the tissue to be cut.

4. Take out the safety block and activate the handle.

5. Unscrew the adjustment button, take out the instrument and cut out the foreskin.


1. This manual cannot be used as a technical guide for surgical Staplers. For questions about the technical guidance of surgical Staplers, please consult our company or our designated agents, or refer to related literature.

2. Doctors should carefully read this instruction manual before use.

3. This product is for one-time use, sterilized by irradiation, and valid for two years.

4. It is strictly forbidden to use the inner packaging if it is damaged or after the expiry date.

5. Please destroy it according to regulations after use.

6. This product can only be used on the same patient in the same operation.

7. Sexual life is strictly prohibited within one week after all the staples fall off.

8. After the operation, use elastic bandages to wrap the inner and outer layers. Remove the outer elastic bandage (near the glans) 2 hours after the operation, and remove the outer elastic bandage (near the base of the penis) in 4 hours. The inner layer is generally blue. Do not move the elastic bandage! Otherwise it will bleed and swell!

9. Before the postoperative healing, the doctor should guide the oral estrogen to control the penile congestion and erection.

10. Choose different types of staplers according to the size of the patient's glans. You can use a penis circumference ruler to measure the circumference of 1cm below the glans under the condition of not being erected. It is strictly forbidden to use a small-sized cutting stapler instead of a large-sized one.

Enhancing Efficiency and Safety with Disposable Foreskin Cutting Staplers

Circumcision procedures require specialized surgical instruments that prioritize both safety and efficiency. Disposable foreskin cutting staplers have emerged as advanced tools designed to simplify the process of foreskin removal while minimizing the risk of complications. These innovative instruments offer several benefits to healthcare providers and patients, promoting faster healing, reducing procedure time, and maintaining a sterile surgical environment.

  1. Streamlining the Foreskin Removal Process:

Disposable foreskin cutting staplers are specifically designed to simplify the circumcision procedure. These instruments combine the functions of foreskin cutting and stapling into one, eliminating the need for multiple instruments and manual stitching. By streamlining the process, disposable foreskin cutting staplers offer healthcare providers a more efficient and time-saving approach to performing circumcisions.

  1. Minimizing Complications:

The use of disposable foreskin cutting staplers reduces the risk of complications associated with traditional methods of foreskin removal. These staplers create clean, precise incisions while simultaneously securing the wound edges, promoting optimal healing. The staple closure eliminates the need for external sutures, reducing the likelihood of infection and ensuring a more comfortable recovery for patients.

  1. Faster Healing and Reduced Operative Time:

Disposable foreskin cutting staplers contribute to faster healing and reduced operative time. The streamlined procedure and secure staple closure promote accelerated wound healing, allowing patients to recover more quickly. Additionally, the simplified process reduces the overall operative time, contributing to improved efficiency and increased patient throughput in clinical settings.

  1. Maintaining a Sterile Surgical Environment:

Disposable foreskin cutting staplers offer the advantage of maintaining a sterile surgical environment. These instruments are designed for single-use, eliminating the need for sterilization and reducing the risk of cross-contamination. The use of disposable staplers ensures that each patient benefits from a sterile instrument, minimizing the potential for surgical site infections and improving overall patient safety.

In conclusion, disposable foreskin cutting staplers have revolutionized the circumcision procedure by enhancing efficiency, improving safety, and promoting faster healing. These specialized instruments simplify the foreskin removal process, reduce operative time, and contribute to a sterile surgical environment. By minimizing complications associated with traditional methods, disposable foreskin cutting staplers provide healthcare providers with a reliable and efficient tool for performing circumcisions. With their ability to streamline the procedure and accelerate wound healing, disposable foreskin cutting staplers offer improved outcomes and enhanced patient satisfaction in clinical practices.