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Disposable balloon dilatation catheter

Disposable balloon dilatation catheters offer a precise and safe approach for various minimally invasive procedures. This article explores the benefits of utilizing these specialized medical devices, highlighting their contributions to simplifying the dilatation process and minimizing complications. By examining the features and advantages of disposable balloon dilatation catheters, we delve into how they ensure accuracy, reduce procedure time, and enhance patient comfort. Discover how these innovative catheters revolutionize minimally invasive procedures, improving outcomes for patients and healthcare providers.


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Disposable balloon dilatation catheter
Clinically, it is used for laparoscopic surgery to establish a surgical channel.

[How to use]

1. Preparation:

1. Check the equipment carefully before use to confirm that the packaging and products are in good condition.

2. There is a plastic protective sleeve and a support rod at one end of the balloon, which should be removed first.

3. Do not inflate or inject liquid into the balloon before use, and keep the balloon in a vacuum state.

2. Balloon expansion:

1. Under the monitoring of an endoscope or other auxiliary equipment, send a 0.035 inch guide wire to the narrow distal end and leave it in place.

2. Choose a suitable balloon dilatation catheter, insert it along the end of the guide wire, slowly and carefully send it to the stenosis site, and confirm that the two visualization marks are located at both ends of the stenosis site.

3. Use a pressurizing pump with a pressure gauge to inject liquid into the balloon. When the working pressure is reached, stop pressurizing and keep it for 1 to 3 minutes.


Basic dimensions of balloon dilatation catheter

Specification modelOuter diameter of sheath tube (+0.3-0.1 )*effective length of sheath tube
Balloon diameter (+0.8-1)*Balloon length
(&Plusmn;3 )(mm*mm)
Rated pressure
Burst pressure
Guide wire specifications


Enhancing Precision and Safety with Disposable Balloon Dilatation Catheters

Minimally invasive procedures often require specialized medical devices that prioritize both precision and safety. Disposable balloon dilatation catheters have emerged as advanced tools designed to simplify the dilatation process while minimizing the risk of complications. These innovative catheters offer several advantages, contributing to improved outcomes, reduced procedure time, and enhanced patient comfort.

  1. Simplifying the Dilatation Process:

Disposable balloon dilatation catheters are specifically designed to simplify the dilatation process. These catheters feature an inflatable balloon at the distal end, which is positioned and inflated within the targeted area. By gently dilating the narrowed or constricted region, disposable balloon dilatation catheters enable precise and controlled expansion, facilitating improved function or access. The simplified procedure allows healthcare providers to navigate through challenging anatomical structures with accuracy and ease.

  1. Minimizing Complications:

The use of disposable balloon dilatation catheters helps minimize the risk of complications associated with traditional methods of dilatation. These catheters are designed with smooth surfaces and tapered tips, reducing trauma to the surrounding tissues during the dilation process. By ensuring a controlled and gradual expansion, disposable balloon dilatation catheters mitigate the chances of tearing or perforation, enhancing patient safety and overall procedural success.

  1. Improved Outcomes and Reduced Procedure Time:

Disposable balloon dilatation catheters contribute to improved procedural outcomes and reduced operative time. The precise and controlled dilation achieved with these catheters ensures optimal results, whether it is opening a stenotic body passage or facilitating the insertion of other medical devices. Additionally, the simplified process and efficient performance of disposable balloon dilatation catheters contribute to shorter procedure times, offering both patients and healthcare providers increased convenience and efficiency.

  1. Enhanced Patient Comfort:

Disposable balloon dilatation catheters prioritize patient comfort during minimally invasive procedures. These catheters are designed to minimize discomfort by allowing for smooth insertions and expansions. The inflation of the balloon is carefully regulated to avoid excessive pressure, ensuring a comfortable experience for patients. By prioritizing patient comfort, disposable balloon dilatation catheters contribute to a positive patient experience and improved satisfaction.

In conclusion, disposable balloon dilatation catheters have revolutionized the field of minimally invasive procedures. By simplifying the dilatation process, these specialized medical devices offer improved precision, reduced operative time, and enhanced patient comfort. The minimized risk of complications and increased procedural success make disposable balloon dilatation catheters an essential tool for healthcare providers. With their ability to ensure controlled and gradual expansion, these catheters contribute to improved outcomes and patient satisfaction in a range of medical procedures.