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Disposable anorectal stapler

Disposable anorectal staplers have revolutionized the field of anorectal closure by providing a convenient and safe solution for surgical interventions. This article delves into the advantages of these specialized surgical instruments, which play a crucial role in efficient and effective anorectal procedures. By examining the features and benefits of disposable anorectal staplers, we explore how they enhance anorectal closure, improve recovery, and reduce complications. Discover how these advanced staplers offer precise stapling, ergonomic design, and disposability, ensuring optimal patient outcomes.


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[ Application]
Used for selective removal of mucosa on the dentate line.

[How to use]

1. Use three atraumatic forceps to fix and spread the hemorrhoids at the three points where the prolapse of the hemorrhoids is less and the anal ectropion is slight. Put the introducer on the dilator, insert the dilator together, and remove the dilator. Sew a stitch around the perianal front and back, fix the introducer, and confirm the position of the dentate line through the transparent anal canal introducer;

2. Insert the anorectal suture device through the introducer on the opposite side of the hemorrhoids and the most obvious prolapse. This device can cover the prolapsed mucosa within 270 degrees around the rectal wall; about 4 cm above the dentate line along the submucosa Make a purse-string suture, by rotating the stitcher, complete rectal purse-string suture with 4-6 stitches. Suture is only performed on the mucosa and submucosa, avoid damaging the muscle layer, and ensure that the suture is complete;

3. Exit the stitcher, tighten the purse-string suture appropriately, unscrew the anorectal Stapler to the maximum position, remove the protective cover, and insert the staple seat above the purse-string suture through the introducer. Tighten the suture and tighten the suture. To tie the knot, pull the tail end of the suture from the side hole of the anorectal Stapler with a hook thread device, and pull the ligation thread moderately toward the handle to make the sutured and ligated mucosa and submucosal tissue enter the empty space of the anorectal Stapler. In the cavity, tighten the adjusting nut of the Stapler at the same time until the indicator Needle enters the green area of the window, pull down the safety block, grasp the handle and fire, and complete the resection and suture at one time;

4. After firing, keep it closed for more than 30 seconds, loosen the adjusting nut of the stapler and gently withdraw the instrument, check the anastomosis, and add a few stitches if necessary.


The basic size of the anorectal stapler in millimeters

Model specificationLD1D2Number of nail grooves

Efficient and Safe Anorectal Closure with Disposable Anorectal Staplers

Anorectal closure is a critical aspect of various surgical procedures, and disposable anorectal staplers have emerged as indispensable instruments in achieving optimal closure outcomes. These specialized surgical tools offer a range of features and benefits that enhance efficiency, patient recovery, and minimize complications.

  1. Precise and Reliable Stapling:

Disposable anorectal staplers provide precise and reliable stapling during anorectal closure procedures. With their advanced mechanisms and design, these staplers ensure accurate alignment and closure of anorectal tissues, promoting rapid healing and minimizing the risk of postoperative complications. The adjustable firing mechanism allows surgeons to tailor the stapler according to the specific tissue thickness, facilitating consistent and reliable results.

  1. Enhanced Patient Recovery:

The use of disposable anorectal staplers helps improve patient recovery after anorectal procedures. These staplers are designed to minimize tissue trauma and reduce operative time, resulting in less postoperative pain, reduced hospital stays, and faster overall recovery. The precise stapling mechanism eliminates the need for extensive suturing, allowing for quicker wound closure and minimal discomfort for the patient.

  1. Ergonomic Design for Surgeon Comfort:

Disposable anorectal staplers are designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring surgeon comfort during procedures. The lightweight and easy-to-handle construction of these staplers reduce fatigue and improve maneuverability, enabling surgeons to perform anorectal closures with enhanced precision. The intuitive design allows for straightforward instrument assembly and firing, enhancing overall efficiency in the operating room.

  1. Convenient Disposability:

Disposable anorectal staplers offer the advantage of being entirely disposable, ensuring sterility and convenience in surgical interventions. Their disposable nature eliminates the need for cleaning, sterilization, and maintenance, saving time and resources for medical professionals. This feature improves efficiency in the operating room while minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

In conclusion, disposable anorectal staplers have revolutionized anorectal closure procedures by offering precise stapling, enhanced patient recovery, and convenient disposability. These advanced surgical instruments improve efficiency, reduce complications, and contribute to optimal patient outcomes. With their ergonomic design and adjustable firing mechanism, disposable anorectal staplers have become an essential component in effectively closing anorectal conditions such as hemorrhoidectomy and anal fistula. Their disposability ensures sterility and reduces the risk of infections. Ultimately, disposable anorectal staplers enhance the surgical experience for both patients and surgeons, facilitating efficient, safe, and successful anorectal closure.