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Scientific lab pipette rack for 7 pipettes

Introducing the scientific lab pipette rack designed to accommodate 7 pipettes, a game-changer in laboratory organization. This innovative solution ensures efficient and organized pipette management, providing easy access and eliminating the risk of misplacement or damage. In this article, we will delve into the advantages and features of the 7-pipette rack, uncovering how it streamlines laboratory workflows and enhances overall efficiency.



1. Sturdy crossbar structure for storing each Pipette.

2. The Pipette holder and stand make the Pipette within easy reach and easy to use the Pipette.

3. Applicable to single channel and multi channel models.

4. This pipette holder can be used to organize the work area.

Item NoProduct description
6033003Pipette holders

Efficient and Organized Pipette Management: Discover the Scientific Lab Pipette Rack for 7 Pipettes

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Pipettes are essential tools in scientific laboratories, allowing precise and accurate liquid dispensing. However, managing multiple pipettes can become a challenge. The scientific lab pipette rack designed specifically for 7 pipettes provides an innovative solution to streamline pipette management and ensure an organized laboratory environment.

One of the key advantages of the 7-pipette rack is its efficiency in maintaining pipette accessibility. With designated slots for each pipette, it allows easy identification and quick retrieval. This minimizes time spent searching for the right pipette, ultimately optimizing laboratory workflows and improving overall productivity.

Furthermore, the 7-pipette rack promotes organized pipette storage. Each pipette has its dedicated slot, reducing the risk of misplacement or accidental damage. By keeping pipettes securely in place, this storage solution ensures the longevity and performance of the instruments, saving laboratories from unnecessary expenses and disruptions.

The design of the scientific lab pipette rack prioritizes user convenience. Its compact and sleek form not only saves valuable bench space but also provides a visually appealing organization system. Laboratories can maintain a tidy and professional appearance while enhancing the overall efficiency of pipette management.

In addition, the 7-pipette rack offers versatility in accommodating various pipette brands and sizes. The adjustable slots can accommodate different pipette types, ensuring compatibility and flexibility for laboratory needs. This adaptability makes the rack an ideal choice for labs with a range of pipettes, eliminating the need for multiple storage options.

To conclude, the scientific lab pipette rack for 7 pipettes offers efficient and organized pipette management, streamlining lab processes. Its accessibility, organizational benefits, and user-friendly design make it a valuable addition to any laboratory environment. By utilizing this innovative storage solution, laboratories can optimize workflows, protect pipettes from damage, and create a more productive and efficient working environment.