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Linear Pipettor Stand Rack

Introducing the linear pipettor stand rack, the ultimate solution for efficient and organized pipette management in laboratories. Designed to accommodate various pipette sizes, this innovative rack is a must-have for every scientist and researcher. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using the linear pipettor stand rack, uncovering how it streamlines laboratory workflows, prevents pipette damage, and ensures easy access to pipettes when needed.



1 linear Pipette holder.

Made of ABS material, chemical resistance, durable and safe.

Holds 6 Pipettes, including single and multi-channel Pipettes.

Provides a quick and easy way to keep your Pipettes clean and organized.

The racks hold together well, won't easily fall or break, and are easy to assemble.

Item NoProduct description
6033004Pipette holders

Organize and Protect: Discover the Linear Pipettor Stand Rack for Efficient Pipette Management

In a busy laboratory environment, keeping pipettes organized, accessible, and protected is of utmost importance. The linear pipettor stand rack offers a versatile and efficient solution to streamline pipette management, ensuring enhanced workflow and prolonging the lifespan of valuable instruments.

One of the key advantages of the linear pipettor stand rack is its ability to provide easy access to pipettes. With a dedicated space for each pipette, researchers can quickly identify and retrieve the required instrument without wasting precious time. This eliminates the frustration of searching through drawers or cluttered benchtops and optimizes laboratory efficiency.

Another significant benefit of using the linear pipettor stand rack is the increased level of protection it offers. Pipettes are delicate instruments, and mishandling or accidental damage can lead to calibration issues or even render them unusable. The secure slots of the rack prevent unnecessary movements and provide a safe space for pipettes when not in use, reducing the risk of damage or misplacement.

Efficient organization is fundamental in a laboratory setting, and the linear pipettor stand rack makes it seamless. By providing a designated spot for each pipette, it eliminates the clutter and promotes a neat environment. This not only improves the aesthetic appeal of the workspace but also facilitates easy inventory and identification of available pipettes.

The versatility of the linear pipettor stand rack is another noteworthy feature. Adjustable slots accommodate various pipette sizes, ensuring compatibility with different instruments. This adaptability makes the rack an ideal solution for laboratories with multiple pipettes, eliminating the need for separate storage options.

In conclusion, the linear pipettor stand rack offers a comprehensive solution for efficient pipette management in laboratories. Its easy accessibility, protective design, and organizational benefits optimize laboratory workflows, protect valuable instruments, and contribute to a more productive research environment. Invest in a linear pipettor stand rack and transform your lab into a well-organized and efficient space.