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Safety blood collection set with holder

Enhancing blood collection safety is a top priority in healthcare settings. This article explores the benefits of utilizing a safety blood collection set with holder for phlebotomy procedures. It highlights the importance of reducing needlestick injuries, ensuring patient safety, and complying with healthcare protocols. Discover why adopting this innovative device is crucial for healthcare facilities in providing a secure environment for both patients and healthcare professionals during blood collection.



The safety Needles.html target='_blank'>Blood Collection Needle - Butterfly type with holder, including safety double wings, kink resistance tube, multi-sample Needle and pre-attached holder, which is used for vein blood collection.

It provides a simple, effective way to collect blood, helps reduce the possibility of accidental puncture risk and features easier activation technique.


Product Feature:

1) Perfect bevel geometry and ultra sharpness ensure minimum trauma and puncture pain;

2) Ultra thin wall ensures painless insertion and superior blood flow;

3) Safety sheath prevents accidental puncture, and the transparent appearance provides a quick blood collection feedback;

4) Soft wings with secure grip, easier for grasp and being attached to patients’ body;

5) DEHP FREE PVC tube;

6) Humanized design holder is easy for handling.

Safety wings + Luer adaptor (Slip) + Pre-attached holder

* Other size according to customer’s requirements

Needle guage: 19g-27g

Ref No.Luer adaptorNeedle sizeTube length
SBN-B/H2120Luer slip21Gx19mm20cm
SBN-B/H2320Luer slip23Gx19mm20cm
SBN-B/H2520Luer slip25Gx19mm20cm
SBN-B/H2130Luer slip21Gx19mm30cm
SBN-B/H2330Luer slip23Gx19mm30cm
SBN-B/H2530Luer slip25Gx19mm30cm


Enhancing Blood Collection Safety: The Benefits of a Safety Blood Collection Set with Holder

Phlebotomy procedures are a prevalent aspect of healthcare, but they carry inherent risks such as needlestick injuries. To mitigate these risks and ensure patient safety, utilizing a safety blood collection set with holder has become increasingly important in healthcare facilities. This device offers numerous advantages that contribute to a safer and more efficient blood collection process.

  1. Needlestick Injury Prevention:

One of the key benefits of a safety blood collection set with holder is the prevention of needlestick injuries. These injuries pose significant health risks to both patients and healthcare professionals, exposing them to bloodborne diseases and infections. The safety blood collection set with holder incorporates safety mechanisms that activate automatically after blood collection, retracting the needle into a protective shield. This minimizes the risk of accidental needlestick injuries, providing invaluable protection to those involved in the blood collection procedure.

  1. Compliance with Safety Protocols:

Healthcare facilities are required to adhere to strict safety protocols to protect patients and employees. Utilizing a safety blood collection set with holder aligns with these protocols as it complies with safety guidelines and regulations. Implementing this device demonstrates a commitment to creating a safe environment in which blood collection procedures can be carried out with minimal risk.

  1. Patient Safety:

The safety blood collection set's design not only protects healthcare professionals but also prioritizes patient safety. The use of a holder ensures proper needle placement during blood collection, reducing the likelihood of incorrect needle insertion or excessive discomfort. Patients can trust that their blood collection procedure will be conducted with the utmost care, resulting in a positive experience with less pain and stress.

  1. Integration into Healthcare Facilities:

Safety blood collection sets with holders have been seamlessly integrated into healthcare facilities worldwide. They are compatible with existing blood collection systems and equipment, making their implementation smooth and straightforward. This adaptability allows healthcare professionals to adopt this vital safety measure without disrupting their routine practices.

In conclusion, utilizing a safety blood collection set with holder significantly enhances blood collection safety in healthcare settings. By preventing needlestick injuries, ensuring compliance with safety protocols, prioritizing patient safety, and facilitating easy integration, this device plays a crucial role in creating a secure environment for both patients and healthcare professionals. Embracing this innovative solution enables healthcare facilities to carry out phlebotomy procedures with greater confidence and reduced risks, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of care provided.


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