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Safety blood collection needle pen type with holder

Safety blood collection needle pen type with holder has revolutionized phlebotomy practices, introducing enhanced safety features and convenience in blood collection procedures. In this article, we delve into the numerous benefits and applications of these innovative devices, highlighting their role in improving patient care and minimizing the risk of needlestick injuries. Explore why healthcare professionals are increasingly opting for safety blood collection needle pen type with holder and how it is transforming the field of phlebotomy.



Safety Needles.html target='_blank'>Blood Collection Needle - Pen type with holder, including safety injection Needle, multi-sample needle and pre-attached holder, which is used for vein blood collection.

It provides a simple, effective way to collect blood, helps reduce the possibility of accidental puncture risk and features one-handed activation technique.

Product Feature:

Ⅰ. Safety cap design: Stable safety mechanism ensures the safety, will not fall off naturally;

Ⅱ. Easy operation: Just need to press the safety cap after finishing the blood collection, to reach the purpose of protecting contaminated needle tip;

Ⅲ. Visible window: Easy to watch if the needle is inserted into the venous or not, improve the accuracy and reliability of blood collection;

Ⅳ. Sharp and smooth needle edges make penetration painless, easy connection to rubber stoppers;

Ⅴ. Humanized design holder: Easy for handling;

Ⅵ. Adapter: provides 2 options - luer slip and luer lock for customers to choose, both are assembled with the safety needles and holders in advance.

Safety hypodermic needle + Luer adaptor (Slip/Lock) + Pre-attached holder

* Other size according to customer’s requirements

Needle guage: 18g-27g

Needle length: 25mm-40mm

Luer adaptorWith safety needle
Luer slip21Gx38mm
Luer slip22Gx32mm
Luer slip23Gx32mm
Luer lock21Gx38mm
Luer lock22Gx32mm
Luer lock23Gx32mm

Safety Blood Collection Needle Pen Type with Holder: Enhancing Safety and Convenience in Phlebotomy

Phlebotomy, the process of collecting blood samples for medical testing and analysis, is a vital component of healthcare. With continuous advancements in medical technology, safety Blood Collection Needle pen type with holder has emerged as a game-changer in ensuring efficient and safe blood collection procedures. This article will explore the benefits and applications of these innovative devices in the field of phlebotomy.

  1. Enhanced Safety Features:

Safety blood collection needle pen type with holder prioritizes patient and healthcare worker safety. With their integrated safety mechanisms, these devices greatly reduce the risk of needlestick injuries, which can lead to the transmission of bloodborne pathogens. The needle is safely concealed within the holder before and after use, minimizing the risk of accidental puncture. This feature not only safeguards healthcare professionals but also ensures patient confidence and comfort during blood collection procedures.

  1. Convenience and Ease of Use:

The pen-type design of these blood collection needles with a holder enhances convenience and ease of use for healthcare professionals. The ergonomic pen-like grip allows for precise control and handling, facilitating accurate needle insertion. The needle holder provides stability and support during the blood collection process, ensuring smooth and efficient venipuncture. Additionally, these devices are pre-assembled for immediate use, saving time and reducing the risk of errors associated with assembling traditional needle and holder combinations.

  1. Reliable Performance:

Safety blood collection needle pen type with holder is designed and manufactured to meet strict quality control standards. They are made from high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliable performance during blood collection procedures. These devices provide consistent and accurate results, enabling healthcare professionals to collect blood samples efficiently and with minimal discomfort to patients.

  1. Importance in Optimal Patient Care:

The adoption of safety blood collection needle pen type with holder is crucial in ensuring optimal patient care. By reducing the risk of needlestick injuries and bloodborne infections, these devices promote a safe and comfortable blood collection experience. They contribute to maintaining patient trust and confidence in healthcare facilities while minimizing the potential for legal and ethical issues related to needlestick injuries.

In conclusion, safety blood collection needle pen type with holder offers numerous benefits in the field of phlebotomy. Their enhanced safety features, convenience, and reliable performance make them indispensable tools for efficient blood collection procedures. With their ability to enhance patient care, improve healthcare worker safety, and provide accurate results, safety blood collection needle pen type with holder is transforming phlebotomy practices. As healthcare professionals continue to seek ways to optimize patient care, the adoption of these innovative devices is increasingly prominent, ensuring safe and efficient blood collection while maintaining patient comfort and well-being.