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Plastic Staining Racks

Plastic staining racks are indispensable tools for laboratories and research facilities, offering a practical solution to enhance staining procedures. These durable and stain-resistant racks provide efficient organization and streamline workflow, ensuring accurate and consistent results. Designed to accommodate different staining requirements, plastic staining racks offer versatility and convenience. Their ability to resist staining agents and withstand frequent use makes them a reliable choice for any laboratory environment. Discover how plastic staining racks can revolutionize your laboratory's staining procedures, leading to increased efficiency and improved results.



Item   NumberWGRSJ0001-S26
Product NameStaining Racks (Plastic)
SpecificationPlastic staining rack for   24 Slides.
ApplicationFor loading Slides(24   25*75*1.2mm) to soak in different reagent.
Product   DescriptionThe   staining rack is used for loading Slide staining dishes to soak in different   reagents in tissue staining experiments. It can hold up to 24 slides at a   time.

Product   Features    ● Big   load, for 24 slides one time;
    ● Improved design, allowing for the slides to be placed into with more   ease;
    ● Acid-resistant & alkali resistant.
Storage   ConditionRoom temperature

Increase Efficiency and Organization with Plastic Staining Racks

Laboratories and research facilities often face challenges in achieving accurate and consistent results during staining procedures. From tissue staining to various biological assays, efficient organization plays a vital role in reducing handling errors and optimizing workflow. This is where plastic staining racks prove indispensable, offering a practical solution to enhance staining procedures.

One of the key advantages of plastic staining racks is their durability. Made from high-quality materials, these racks are designed to withstand frequent use and resist staining agents, ensuring a long-lasting solution for laboratory needs. Not only do they endure the demanding nature of staining procedures, but they also provide the necessary stability to hold samples securely in place. This eliminates the risk of accidental spillage or cross-contamination, further improving result accuracy.

Versatility is another noteworthy feature of plastic staining racks. These racks are available in various sizes and configurations, allowing laboratories to accommodate different staining requirements. With adjustable sections and compartments, plastic staining racks ensure that samples of various sizes can be securely held during staining procedures. This versatility enables laboratories to enhance workflow efficiency by reducing the need for multiple racks or improvised solutions.

Efficient organization is crucial in a laboratory setting, where time is of the essence. Plastic staining racks offer a systematic approach to arrange samples, improving the overall workflow. By having designated spaces for each sample, researchers can easily identify and retrieve the required samples, minimizing the chances of errors or confusion. This streamlining of processes ultimately saves time and resources, contributing to increased productivity in the laboratory.

In addition to their organizational benefits, plastic staining racks promote safety and cleanliness. Their stain-resistant properties make cleaning a breeze, as simply wiping them down after use is often sufficient. This promotes a hygienic environment and reduces the risk of contamination between samples or experiments. Furthermore, the seamless design of these racks prevents accumulation of debris, further minimizing the potential for errors or contamination during staining procedures.

Plastic staining racks have emerged as essential tools in laboratories seeking to improve their staining procedures. Their durability, versatility, and organization-enhancing features make them an ideal choice for those aiming to optimize workflow and generate consistent, accurate results. By investing in high-quality plastic staining racks, laboratories can experience increased efficiency and productivity, allowing researchers to focus on the essentials of their experiments and analysis.