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Adhesion Microscope Slide (Frozen Section)

Adhesion microscope slides for frozen sections play a crucial role in laboratory research and clinical diagnostics by providing optimal sample attachment and stability during microscopic analysis. Designed with advanced adhesion properties, these specialized slides offer researchers and pathologists a reliable solution for accurate and consistent results. The improved sample adhesion on these slides enables researchers to confidently study the tissue structure, morphology, and molecular characteristics. Discover how adhesion microscope slides can revolutionize your frozen section analysis, leading to enhanced accuracy and efficiency.



Product   NameAdhesion Slide.html target='_blank'>Microscope Slide   (Frozen Section)
Size25*75*1.2 mm
ApplicationFor adhesion of frozen   sections in immunohistochemistry & immunofluorescence.
Packing50pcs/plastic box,  50boxes/carton
Carton   Size40×20×15cm
Product   DescriptionThe   adhesion Slide.html target='_blank'>Microscope Slide is used for adhesion of frozen sectios, with good   adhesion and wash-free.

Product Features● Good adhesion and wash-free;
● Larged marking edge area, for marking   conveniently with pencil;
● Polished edge and 45 ° clipped corner, safe   for using.
Storage   ConditionKeep dry and away from   sunlight.

Enhance Microscopic Analysis with Adhesion Microscope Slides for Frozen Sections


Microscopic analysis of frozen sections is a fundamental technique used in various research fields and clinical diagnostics. To ensure accurate and reliable results, the adhesion of the tissue sample to the microscope slide is of utmost importance. This is where adhesion microscope slides specifically designed for frozen sections become essential.

Adhesion microscope slides for frozen sections are engineered with advanced properties that ensure optimal sample attachment and stability throughout the analysis process. These high-quality slides offer superior adhesion, minimizing the risk of sample detachment during manipulation or staining procedures. By securely holding the sample in place, researchers and pathologists can confidently examine tissue structures, morphology, and molecular characteristics.

The improved adhesion properties of these specialized microscope slides eliminate the frustration and challenges often faced when dealing with frozen sections. Researchers can now focus on the analysis, knowing that their samples will remain attached to the slide without compromising the integrity of the specimen.

Using adhesion microscope slides for frozen sections also leads to more efficient workflow and time savings. By preventing sample detachment, researchers can seamlessly carry out necessary manipulations without the need to repeatedly reattach samples or compromising the quality of the specimen. This reduces the risk of errors, improves efficiency, and allows researchers to spend more time on the actual analysis rather than handling technical challenges.

Furthermore, these slides are meticulously engineered to provide a smooth and uniform surface, resulting in clearer and crisper imaging. The lack of slide-induced artifacts allows researchers to accurately visualize tissue structures, ensuring precise observations and reliable data interpretation.

Investing in adhesion microscope slides for frozen sections is a valuable choice for laboratories and medical facilities. The combination of high-quality materials and advanced adhesion properties ensures long-lasting and reliable performance. Researchers and pathologists can benefit from the improved sample attachment, which ultimately leads to enhanced accuracy and consistency in their microscopic analysis.


In conclusion, adhesion microscope slides designed specifically for frozen sections offer a practical solution for researchers and pathologists seeking optimal sample adhesion and stability during microscopic analysis. The superior adhesion property of these specialized slides ensures reliable and consistent results, enabling precise observations of tissue structures and molecular characteristics. By utilizing adhesion microscope slides for frozen sections, researchers can enhance their workflow, improve efficiency, and produce high-quality data for their research or diagnostic endeavors.