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Microneedling Beard Roller

The Microneedling Beard Roller has become increasingly popular among men seeking to achieve a fuller and more luxurious beard. This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with all the essential information you need to understand the benefits of microneedling for beard growth and how to effectively stimulate facial hair. With its natural approach to promoting beard growth, microneedling has gained traction due to its ability to activate dormant hair follicles and stimulate blood circulation in the facial area. In this guide, we delve into the science behind microneedling, its benefits, and the proper techniques to optimize results. Whether you're struggling to grow a beard or simply looking to enhance your existing one, the Microneedling Beard Roller is a game-changer in beard care. Get ready to unlock your beard's full potential with this innovative tool.


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[Product Name]Microneedling Beard Roller

[Application Range]

 For local stimulation of specific areas on the body surface, implementing roller Needle therapy

The principle of roller Needle beauty treatment is to use the densely packed Needles on the roller to create micro-pores in a very short time and deliver the required nutrients to the subcutaneous tissue. Then, through physical, chemical, and pharmaceutical stimulation, the subcutaneous tissue rapidly absorbs the nutrients.
How to choose?
For daily care, sensitive skin, red veins, eye wrinkles, and fine lines
It is recommended to use a 0.25mm micro-needle

For acne scars, freckles, pore enlargement, brightening, firming and whitening
It is recommended to use a 0.5~0.75mm micro-needle
For acne scars, pitting scars, hair growth, and wrinkle removal
It is recommended to use a 1.0mm micro-needle

For stretch marks, weight gain marks, and deep pits
It is recommended to use a 1.5mm micro-needle

0.20x0.20mm, 0.20x0.25mm, 0.20x0.30mm,
0.20x0.50mm, 0.20x0.75mm, 0.20x1.00mm
0.20x1.50mm, 0.20x2.00mm, 0.20x2.50mm

[Warnings and Precautions]

  1. This product is sterilized with ethylene oxide, aseptic;

  2. This product is for one-time use only, strictly prohibited for secondary sterilization use, dispose of after use

[Usage Method]

  1. Choose the appropriate product according to your needs;

  2. After checking the packaging and expiration date, take out the product for use;

  3. Before use, wipe the skin surface with a 75% alcohol Swab for disinfection;

  4. Hold the handle with your right hand, and roll the needle back and forth 4-5 times on the skin surface in a longitudinal, horizontal, and 45-degree direction, as shown in the diagram, at an even speed and stable pressure. The needle penetration depth should be consistent;

  5. Apply ointment to the rolled skin promptly.

0.20x0.20mm, 0.20x0.25mm, 0.20x0.30mm,
0.20x0.50mm, 0.20x0.75mm, 0.20x1.00mm
0.20x1.50mm, 0.20x2.00mm, 0.20x2.50mm