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Bird Flu Test Kit

Bird Flu Test Kit is a lateral flow immunochromatographic assay for the qualitative detection of Avian Influenza Virus antigen (AIV Ag) in avian serum, secretions or spleen.




Bird Flu Test Kit is a lateral flow immunochromatographic assay used to detect Avian Influenza Virus.Avian influenza (Avian influenza) is an avian infection or disease syndrome caused by influenza A virus. It can easily spread among birds, which can lead to a large number of Poultry deaths and bring immeasurable damage to the Poultry industry. Avian Influenza is a severe Infectious disease shared by humans and animals. When it happens, it will cause huge economic losses.

Product Name

Bird Flu Test Kit


Serum, secretions or spleen

Assay Time

5-10 minutes


800 test kits

Delivery time

1 week after Get payment


10 test kits/Packing box

Storage Temperature

2-30°C, DO NOT FREEZE. Do not store the test kit in direct sunlight.

Shelf Life

18 months


1. One-step whole blood, serum and plasma testing.

2. Simple operation, non-professional on-site inspection.

3. The detection process is fast, and the result will be displayed in about 15 minutes.

4. The test time is less than or equal to 10 seconds, and it can detect 270 samples per hour at the fastest.

5. The detection equipment is compact, easy to carry, mobile terminal operation, cloud platform quality control.

6. The detection sensitivity is high, comparable to that of enzyme-labeled kits.


• Test devices

• Droppers

• Single Buffer



The main symptoms of chicken flu are: high weight loss, lethargy, gasping for breath, runny nose, alopecia areata, cyanosis, bleeding, swelling of the head and neck, and acute death. Some patients have neurological symptoms such as ataxia, tremor, migraine, and neck sprain. The main pathological changes are: corneal opacity, conjunctival hemorrhage, ulcers; pterygium, red and black plaques on the skin surface around the retinal hole, etc. ; subcutaneous edema (especially of head, neck and chest), or jelly-like exudation; pulmonary hemorrhage and edema, spleen with gray-white mottled necrosis, pancreas with brown mottled hemorrhage, degeneration and necrosis; bursa hemorrhage; entire digestive tract Mucosal hemorrhage bleeding from the mouth to the cloaca, ulcers or gray-white speckled membranes (necrotic pseudomembrane), other tissues and organs may also bleed, and obvious fibrinous peritonitis, air sac inflammation, etc. are often seen.

Strage and stablity

The kit can be stored at room temperature (2-30°C). The test kit is stable through the expiration date (18 months) marked on the package label. DO NOT FREEZE. Do not store the test kit in direct sunlight.


Other Items

Test Procedure

       Collect cattle’s fresh whole blood, and get the serum or plasma specimen for use. Immediately apply the testing once collected the specimen.

  • Take out the test device from the foil pouch and place it horizontally.

  • Place 2-3 drop (around 70-100uL) of serum or plasma specimen into the sample hole. Start timer and wait for result.

  • Interpret the result in 5-10 minutes. Result after 15 minutes is considered as invalid.