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Vinyl Examination Gloves

Vinyl examination gloves have gained significant popularity in the medical field for their affordability, versatility, and hypoallergenic properties. This article delves into the advantages of using vinyl gloves, emphasizing their cost-effectiveness, latex-free composition, and suitability for a wide array of medical procedures. Discover why these gloves are a preferred choice, providing reliable protection while minimizing allergic reactions and irritation.



Vinyl examination Gloves are disposable Gloves that are typically used in medical and healthcare settings. They are made from synthetic materials, typically PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and are designed to provide a barrier between the wearer's hands and potentially infectious materials. Vinyl Gloves are often used as an alternative to latex Gloves, as they are less likely to cause allergic reactions in people with latex sensitivities.Disposable Vinyl Exam Gloves

  • A variety of colors available for different people or industries

  • Dry and smooth coating to avoid dermatitis

  • No latex protein to cause allergy

  • DOP or DEHP free

  • Higher tensile strength and more tactile sensitivity

  • 100% brand-new formula to enhance softness and fitness

SKUSizeColorPackageQuality Standards
VGBEM1000*S-XLClear100pcs/box, 10boxes/ctn

Complies EN455 and EN473

Complies with ASTM D5250 (USA related product)

VGBEM1006*S-XLLight Yellow100pcs/box, 10boxes/ctn

Vinyl Examination Gloves: Affordable and Versatile Protection for Medical Procedures

Vinyl examination gloves have become a staple in the medical industry, offeringPVC.jpg affordable and versatile protection for a range of medical procedures. With their cost-effectiveness, hypoallergenic nature, and latex-free composition, vinyl gloves have garnered the trust and preference of healthcare professionals.

One of the key advantages of vinyl examination gloves is their affordability. These gloves are cost-effective compared to other materials, making them an economical choice for medical facilities and providers. Despite their budget-friendly price, vinyl gloves do not compromise on quality or protection, offering reliable barrier properties against contaminants and pathogens.

Furthermore, vinyl gloves are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for individuals with latex allergies or sensitivities. Latex allergies are common and can pose significant risks during medical procedures. By opting for vinyl gloves, healthcare professionals can reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions and irritations, ensuring optimal safety for both patients and medical staff.

The versatility of vinyl examination gloves is another noteworthy feature. These gloves are suitable for a wide range of medical procedures, including examinations, diagnostics, wound care, and various non-invasive treatments. The ease of use, flexibility, and tactile sensitivity provided by vinyl gloves allow healthcare professionals to maintain dexterity and perform intricate tasks with ease.

Vinyl gloves are also ideal for short-duration procedures, as they can be easily donned and disposed of, saving time and resources without compromising hygiene or protection. Their smooth surface and superior fit ensure a comfortable experience for both patients and healthcare providers.

In conclusion, vinyl examination gloves offer affordable and versatile protection for medical procedures. Their cost-effectiveness, hypoallergenic nature, and latex-free composition make them a preferred choice for healthcare professionals. With vinyl gloves, medical facilities can maintain a high standard of protection against contaminants and pathogens while minimizing the risk of allergic reactions or irritations. Embracing vinyl gloves not only ensures safety and hygiene but also proves to be a practical and economical solution for medical procedures.