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Gynaecological Gloves

Gynaecological gloves play a crucial role in women's healthcare, ensuring safety, hygiene, and protection during obstetric and gynaecological procedures. This article explores the features that make gynaecological gloves indispensable, emphasizing their latex-free composition, sterility, sensitivity, and flexibility. Learn why gynaecologists and healthcare professionals prioritize the use of these gloves to maintain a sterile environment and safeguard the well-being of patients.



Gynaecological Gloves are a type of medical Gloves that are used during gynecological exams and procedures. These Gloves are made of latex or nitrile and are designed to be sterile and disposable. They are used to protect both the healthcare provider and the patient from the spread of infection and to maintain hygiene during the examination or procedure. Gynaecological Gloves are available in different sizes to fit the hands of healthcare providers and are lubricated to make them easier to put on and remove.

CertificatesCE; ISO13485; CFDA;FSC
SizeS; M; L; XL
MaterialNatual Latex
Disinfecting TypeGamma / EO
Shelf Life5 Years
MOQ50000 Pairs
Packing1 Pair/ Pouch; 50 Pairs / Box; 10 Boxes / Carton
Dimension38 X 36 X 38 CM

Gynaecological Gloves: Ensuring Safety and Hygiene in Women's Healthcare

In the realm of women's healthcare, gynaecological gloves serve as a vital tool for ensuring safety, hygiene, and protection during obstetric and gynaecological procedures. Designed with specific features to meet the unique requirements of these sensitive procedures, gynaecological gloves play a critical role in maintaining sterile environments and safeguarding the well-being of patients.

One of the key features of gynaecological gloves is their latex-free composition. As latex allergies continue to be prevalent, the use of latex-free gloves has become imperative in healthcare settings. Gynaecological gloves made from synthetic materials provide a safe and effective alternative, reducing the risk of allergic reactions for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Another essential aspect of gynaecological gloves is their sterility. These gloves are meticulously manufactured and packaged to maintain a sterile environment, ensuring infection prevention during gynaecological examinations, surgeries, and procedures. The strict adherence to sterility protocols helps minimize the risk of cross-contamination and enhances patient safety.

Gynaecological gloves are also designed to offer superior sensitivity and flexibility. The thin and tactile material enables healthcare professionals to perform precise and delicate procedures with optimal dexterity and control. The enhanced sensitivity facilitates accurate examinations and interventions, enhancing the overall quality of care provided to women.

These gloves find extensive applications in various gynaecological procedures, including Pap smears, vaginal examinations, labor and delivery, and surgeries. By using gynaecological gloves, healthcare professionals create a barrier that prevents direct contact with bodily fluids and potential pathogens, thereby minimizing the risk of transmission and maintaining a sterile environment.

In conclusion, gynaecological gloves play a critical role in women's healthcare, emphasizing safety, hygiene, and protection during obstetric and gynaecological procedures. Their latex-free composition, sterility, sensitivity, and flexibility make them an indispensable tool for gynaecologists and healthcare professionals. By prioritizing the use of gynaecological gloves, healthcare providers ensure the well-being and safety of their patients, while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and infection control.