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Sulfamethazine rapid test (Urine)

Sulfamethazine rapid test dipsticks are invaluable tools for fast and accurate urine testing. These dipsticks provide reliable results, ensuring food safety and compliance with regulations by detecting the presence of Sulfamethazine residues. In this article, we will explore the significance of testing urine for Sulfamethazine residues, understand how the rapid test dipsticks work, and highlight their role in maintaining high standards in drug testing.




Sulfamethazine rapid test card (Urine)

1. Specifications:50 tests/box

2. Brief

This product is used for testing Sulfamethazine residue in urine sample. The total test time only need 5~10 min.

3. Detection limit:100ppbp002.jpg

4. Principle

The Sulfamethazine Rapid test card is based on competitive inhibition immuno-chromatographic principle. In the flow process, Sulfamethazine in the sample combined with Sulfamethazine specific colloidal gold-labeled monoclonal antibody, Inhibit the combination between antibody and Sulfamethazine-BSA conjugate on Test line of NC membrane, lead to the color change of Test line. When the concentration of  Sulfamethazine residue in sample is equal to or higher than detection limit, T line has no color, the result is Positive.When the sample has no Sulfamethazine residue or concentration lower than detection limit, T line appear, the result is Negative; No matter whether there is Sulfamethazine residue in sample, C line will appear, it means the test is valid.



Sulfamethazine testcard

50 pieces



1 piece



50 pieces





Disposable Gloves

3 pieces

      6. Sample preparation


Directly take the clear, fresh and unpolluted urine to test.

(Notice: Do not test urine immediately after cold storage. Urine sample must be collected in a clean, dry plastic urine cup without any preservatives or in glass container. If urine is muddy, centrifuge at 4000 r/min at room temperature for 5 min, then test. If the urine can not be tested on time, store urine at 2~8 ℃for 24 hours, for long-term storage, store at-20℃, avoid repeated freezing and thawing samples.)

7.Operation procedures

7.1 Return test card and sample into room temperature.

7.2 Take necessary test cards on desk, use it in 1 hour.

7.3 Put the test card flatly, use dropper to drop 2~3 drops of sample in the Sample collect well.

7.4 Wait for 5-8 min to read the result. It’s invalid in other times.

8. Test Result Interpretation

8.1 Negative: Red T line appears. It means there is no Sulfamethazine residue in sample or the residue is lower than detection limit.

8.2 Positive: Red T line is invisible. It means the residue is higher than or equal to detection limit.

8.3 Invalidation: C line isn’t seen wine red. It means the test cassette is out of efficacy, out of date or improper operation. Please run the test again using another package. If the invalid tests keep happening, please contact the local distributor.    




1) The test card can be used only once at room temperature, do not use test card out of expiry date.

2) Every test cassette and dropper is single use only, to avoid cross pollution.

3) Do not touch the white membrane surface in the middle of test card, avoid sunlight and fan blowing directly.

4) Do not eat any reagents supplied.

5) Please contact the supplier for any questions.

Storage and expiry date

Storage:  Store at 4-30 ℃ in dark, sealed, dry place, no frozen.

Expiry date: 12 months; date of production is on box.

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