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Safety Containers Round Format

Safety Containers Round Format




Used to hold needles for disposable items such as Syringes and infusion sets; all kinds of sharps such as blades, scalp needles, suture needles, ampoules, small glasses, etc., to collect whole sets of Syringes with blood, blood transfusion sets, blood bags, etc. Medical equipment that comes into contact with blood; other medically dangerous and infectious materials that are required to be placed in the Safety Container.


1.Made by PP material, No PVC included, it can reduce the contamination of environment when disposal injury wastes by high temperature.

2. Made by hard material, Sealed and anti-piercing, Safe, convenient, leakage proof, easy for disposal by high temperature. Once sealed, open by mistake is impossible without damage on it.

3.Convenient for safe disposal of disposable venous blood collection needle, also can be used for collecting Syringes, infusion sets, blades and structure needles etc.

4. Color to be Yellow (Red can be customized), Warning marks shown on the side of the container.

The Safety Container is made of PVC-free hard plastic, which has the basic properties of puncture resistance, non-leakage, not easy to break, easy to burn, and cannot be opened normally after being closed; the safety container is yellow as a whole, and the side of the box body is marked " Harmful waste" and printed with "Medical Waste Warning Mark"