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Medical Waste Container with Foot pedal

Medical Waste Container




1. Adopt high-density polyethylene, design and produce one-time injection molding according to international unified standards. Anti-ultraviolet agent is added to the raw material, which is not easy to fade.

2. The product is non-toxic, tasteless, no nails, no thorns, acid and alkali resistance, mildew proof, moisture proof, moth proof, no need to repair, and can be recycled. In line with the development trend of international environmental sanitation equipment, it has the characteristics of resistance to strong pressure, impact resistance, sealed storage, and convenient movement.

3. It can be trailered, and the movable function avoids direct contact between hands and container pollutants, and can directly connect with compressed garbage trucks. It is convenient to put garbage, has good sealing, portable, easy to clean, and reduces secondary pollution and germs. The dissemination meets the requirements of contemporary environmental protection.

Scope of application

 It is widely used in public places such as urban blocks, landscaping, commercial buildings, residential quarters, star hotels, factories, hospitals, schools, etc.

Medical waste bin Structure:

1. Closed structure with cover to avoid spilling garbage.

2. Equipped with plastic handles and casters, easy to operate and flexible to move.

3. It can be matched with compressed garbage truck to realize automatic dumping and direct docking operation.

4. Can be nested on each other, convenient for transportation, saving space and cost.