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Quick Absorbable Surgical Suture PGA

Quick absorbable surgical suture PGA has emerged as a key player in wound closure techniques. This article delves into the benefits of using polyglycolic acid sutures, which facilitate optimal wound healing. By analyzing the features and advantages of quick absorbable PGA sutures, we uncover their ability to promote efficient absorption, minimize tissue reaction, and enhance surgical outcomes. Discover how these innovative sutures are utilized in a wide range of surgical procedures, contributing to faster healing and improved patient recovery.




1.Quick PGA suture is a synthetic absorbable Surgical Suture composed of polymer made from Polyglycolic acid. Quick PGA sutures coated with polycaprolactone and calcium stearate are available dyed (D&C Violet No.2) and undyed. Polyglycolic acid polymer has been found to be non-antigenic, non-pyrogenic with good biocompatibility and degradability. Quick PGA sutures are supplied in various sizes and lengths with or without Needles. Quick PGA suture complies with requirements of USP and EP.

2. Quick PGA suture is available sterile which is sterilized using ethylene oxide.



Quick PGA suture is indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation where only short term wound support is required and where the rapid absorption of the suture would be beneficial.

Quick PGA suture is also successfully used in ophthalmic surgery for conjunctival sutures.



Quick PGA suture elicits a minimal acute inflammatory reaction in tissue and is eventually replaced with an in-growth of fibrous connective tissue. Progressive loss of tensile strength and eventual absorption of Quick PGA suture occurs by means of hydrolysis. Absorption tests in rats indicate that Quick PGA suture retains about 45% of the original tensile strength at a week and 15% at two weeks. It takes about 40 days to complete absorption. Normally no need to take out stitches.



1.Quick PGA suture, being rapidly absorbable, should not be used where extended approximation of tissue under stress is required or where prolonged wound support or ligation is required.

2.Quick PGA suture is not intended for use in cardiovascular or neurological procedures.




Violet or Undyed.


In USP 8-0 - USP 2 Gauge sizes.

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Synthetic Absorbable Surgical Suture

Optimizing Wound Healing with Quick Absorbable Surgical Suture PGA

Synthetic Absorbable Surgical Suture

Wound closure is a critical aspect of surgical procedures, and the utilization of quick absorbable surgical suture PGA has revolutionized this domain. Polyglycolic acid (PGA) sutures provide numerous benefits that facilitate optimal wound healing, reduce tissue reaction, and enhance overall surgical outcomes.

  1. Efficient Absorption and Biodegradability:

PGA sutures are known for their quick absorbability and biodegradability. These sutures are broken down by the body's enzymatic activity, allowing for efficient absorption over time. The gradual breakdown of PGA sutures eliminates the need for suture removal, minimizing patient discomfort and reducing the risk of complications associated with prolonged suture presence.

  1. Reduced Tissue Reaction:

One of the significant advantages of quick absorbable surgical suture PGA is its ability to minimize tissue reaction. PGA sutures are designed to be inert, reducing the risk of inflammation and foreign body reaction. This attribute is particularly beneficial in patients with sensitive skin or those prone to adverse tissue reactions. By using PGA sutures, surgeons can promote better wound healing and improve patient comfort.

  1. Ease of Handling and Versatility:

Quick absorbable surgical suture PGA is widely acclaimed for its ease of handling and versatility. These sutures can be smoothly and accurately placed, facilitating efficient wound closure. PGA sutures are available in various sizes and thread lengths, catering to different surgical requirements. Their versatility allows for their utilization in a broad range of procedures, including general surgery, gynecology, and orthopedic surgeries.

  1. Contributing to Faster Healing:

PGA sutures play a crucial role in promoting faster wound healing. These sutures provide excellent tensile strength during the initial healing phase, contributing to wound stability. As the sutures gradually absorb, they reduce the tension on the wound edges, promoting proper collagen synthesis and minimizing scar formation. The rapid healing facilitated by PGA sutures enhances patient recovery and improves cosmetic outcomes.

In conclusion, quick absorbable surgical suture PGA is a remarkable innovation in wound closure techniques. Its efficient absorption, reduced tissue reaction, ease of handling, and contribution to faster healing make it an ideal choice for surgical procedures. By incorporating PGA sutures into surgical practice, healthcare professionals can optimize wound healing, improve patient outcomes, and enhance overall surgical success.