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Luxury Urine Bag III

Experience unparalleled luxury in urine collection with a premium and elegant urine bag. This article delves into the stylish and refined world of luxury urine bags, highlighting their exceptional comfort, design, and functionality. Explore the innovative features and high-quality materials utilized in these high-end urine bags, offering individuals a unique blend of luxury and practicality.


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Disposable sterile of Luxury bag-and-Chamber-Pot.html target='_blank'>Urine bag III 


l  Sterilized by EO gas. Non-toxic. Non-pyrogenic, single use only

l  The bag-and-Chamber-Pot.html target='_blank'>Urine Bag is made from PVC in medical grade.  

l  It is intended to use with an indwelling catheter in persons who are incontinent of urine, can not urinate in the normal way, or need to have the bladder flow continually. 

l  Capacity: 100ml 

l  Individual Packing: PE / Bulk