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Urine bag with Cross Valve

Urine bags with cross valves are gaining popularity as a practical solution for urine collection and management. This article explores the efficiency and convenience of a urine bag equipped with a cross valve, highlighting its benefits in streamlining the urine collection process. Discover how a urine bag with a cross valve can enhance convenience and efficiency for individuals in need of a reliable urine management solution.


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Disposable sterile of bag-and-Chamber-Pot.html target='_blank'>Urine bag with Cross Valve

l  Sterilized by EO gas. Non-toxic. Non-pyrogenic, single use only

l  The bag-and-Chamber-Pot.html target='_blank'>Urine Bag is made from PVC, PE, PP, and ABS in medical grade.  

l  It consists of bag, connecting tube, taper connector, bottom outlet and handle.

l  It is intended to use with an indwelling catheter in persons who are incontinent of urine, can not urinate in the normal way, or need to have the bladder flow continually. 

l  Tube Outside diameter is 6.4mm, length is 90cm

l  Type: Cross Valve, nti-Reflux Flutter Valve is available.

l  Capacity: 1000ml/1500ml/2000ml 

l  Individual Packing: PE / Bulk

Urine Bag with Cross Valve: Optimal Solution for Efficient Urine Collection and Management


Efficient management of urine collection plays a crucial role in various medical conditions or situations. For individuals seeking an optimal solution for urine collection, a urine bag with a cross valve proves to be a practical choice. Equipped with a cross valve, this urine bag offers convenience, efficiency, and ease of use, streamlining the urine collection process for individuals in different settings.

The key benefit of a urine bag with a cross valve is its efficiency in urine collection. The cross valve design allows for easy and controlled emptying of the bag without the need for additional accessories or manual labor. With a simple twist or snap of the cross valve, urine can be emptied efficiently, saving time and effort for both the individual and their caregivers. This feature proves particularly useful for individuals with limited mobility or those requiring assistance in managing their urine collection.

Moreover, a urine bag with a cross valve ensures optimal hygiene and convenience. The valve's design minimizes the risk of leakages or spillages, providing a safe and reliable urine collection system. The cross valve also reduces exposure to odors or contamination during the emptying process, enhancing hygiene standards and ensuring a clean and efficient urine management process.

Additionally, the convenience offered by a urine bag with a cross valve extends to its user-friendly design. The bag is typically equipped with easy-to-read measurement indicators, allowing individuals and healthcare professionals to monitor urine output accurately. The bag's capacity is often generous, minimizing the need for frequent emptying and reducing disruptions to daily activities.

In conclusion, a urine bag with a cross valve provides an optimal solution for efficient urine collection and management. The cross valve design enhances convenience, efficiency, and hygiene, streamlining the urine collection process for individuals in various situations. With its user-friendly features and reliable performance, a urine bag with a cross valve offers individuals and caregivers a practical and efficient urine management solution. By choosing a urine bag equipped with a cross valve, individuals can ensure ease of use, convenience, and effective management of their urine collection needs.