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Gel&clot Activator Tube

The tube is dispensed with separating gel and clot activator. This tube is used for blood collection and storage for biochemistry, immunology, element trace, various types of virus detection and so on for clinical tests. Invert 5-6 times after blood collection, and wait for 30 minutes before centrifuge. Centrifuge shall be set as 1500-1700 RCF for 10 minutes.


Vacuum blood Collection Tube, PET (glass), Safety cap. OEM label, sterilized

Gel and clot activator tube is used for blood serum biochemistry, immunology and drug testing, etc. There uniformly sprays the coagulant on the surface insidethe tube, which will greatly shorten the clotting time. As the imported separation gel from Japan is pure substance, very stable in physicochemical property, itcan well stand high-temperature so that the gel will maintain a stable status during the storage and transportation process. The gel will get solidified aftercentrifugation and completely separate serum from fibrin cells just like a barrier, which effectively prevents the substance exchange between blood serum andcells. Serum collection eciency is improved and high-quality serum will be obtained, thus it comes to more authentic testing result. Keep the serum stable formore than 48 hours, no obvious change will happen on its biochemical features and chemical compositions, then the tube could be directly used in samplinganalyzers.

- Time for complete clot retraction: 20-25min

- Centrifugation speed: 3500-4000r/m

- Centrifugation time: 5min

- Recommended storage temperature: 4-25℃

MaterialSpec(mm)Volume(ml)LabelShelf life(year)Package
Glass13*753、3.5、4Paper label2100/1800
Glass13*1005、6Paper label2100/1200
Glass16*1007、8Paper label2100/1200
PET13*753、4Paper label/UV Printing1100/1800
PET13*1005、6Paper label/UV Printing1100/1800
PET16*1007、8Paper label/UV Printing1100/1200

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