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Glucose Tube

Vacuum Tube are made from imported raw material, it has excellent compatibility which can well fit the transporter of various different biochemical, immunochemical and hematological analyzers. With complete range of specifications, we can supply the tubes with various special volumes, customized labels to our clients.


Vacuum blood Collection Tube, PET (glass), Safety cap. OEM label, sterilized

Glucose tube is used in blood collection for the test such as blood sugar, sugar tolerance, erythrocyte electrophoresis,anti-alkali hemoglobin and lactate. The added Sodium Fluoride effectively prevents metabolism of blood sugar and Sodium Heparin successfully solves the hemolysis. Thus, the original status of blood will last for long time and guarantee stable testing data of blood sugar within 72 hours. Optional additive is Sodium Fluoride+Sodium Heparin,Sodium Fluoride+ EDTA.K2, Sodium Fluoride+EDTA.Na2.

- Centrifugation speed: 3500-4000 r/m

- Centrifugation time: 5min

- Recommended storage temperature: 4-25 ℃

MaterialSpec(mm)Volume(ml)LabelShelf life(year)Package
Glass13*752、4Paper label2100/1800
Glass13*1005Paper label2100/1200
PET13*752、4Paper label/UV Printing1100/1800
PET13*1005Paper label/UV Printing1100/1800

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