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FFP2 cup-shaped mask

FFP2 cup-shaped masks offer enhanced respiratory protection, making them an ideal choice for individuals seeking effective defense against airborne particles. This article explores the benefits of FFP2 cup-shaped masks, including their superior filtration efficiency, comfortable fit, and ability to protect against various airborne contaminants. Discover why FFP2 cup-shaped masks are essential in maintaining respiratory well-being and enjoy advanced respiratory protection.



Product name: Particle Filtering Half  Mask


Product description:Cup shape half Mask with elastic headharness,no valves,external metal nose clip
Product specification:127mm*138mm*49 mm
Executive Standard:EN149:2001+A1:2009 FFP2 NR
Product Performance:PFE ≥ 94
Main Ingredients:84.5% Needle-punched cotton,15.5% Melt-blown fabric 
Store condition:Temperature<50℃, Humidity<80%
Shelf Life:3 years


The protective Masks have been designed to meet the requirements of REGULATION  (EU)2016/425 and harmonies standard EN149:2001+A1:2009.

User instruction:

1. To protect your health and to prevent serious injury or death, it is important to read all follow the instruction provided with the enclosed product. Please real all warning printed on the packaging box.

2. The mask needed to be inspected prior to each use to assure there are no holes in the breathing zone other than punctures around and staples and no damaged has occurred.


Fitting instruction:

1. Hold the particle half mask in position over the nose and mouth.

2. Pull the upper strap over the head positioning it just above the ears. Pull lower strap over the head and fit around the back of the neck.

3. Ensure the nose clip is securely moulded around the nose, resting the ends against the cheek to obtain a good seal.

4. To check for proper fit, cup both hands over the mask and exhale vigorously. If air leaks around the nose, tighten the nose clip, if air leaks around the edge, reposition the headharness for better fit.

5.Repeat adjustments until the mask is sealed properly.



The mask should not be removed from its package until it is required for use, and should be discarded after use.


1. This mask marked “NR”, shall not be used for more than one shift.

2. Never substitute, modify, add, or omit parts in the configuration as specified by the manufacture.

3. This mask helps protect against certain particulate contaminants but does not completely eliminate exposure to the risk of contracting disease or infection.

4. Do not use the particle half mask with facial hair or any other conditions that may prevent a good face-seal, the requirements of leakage will not be achieved.

5. Discard and replace the mask if:

 a) The mask is removed whilst in the contaminated areas.

 b) Clogging of the mask causes breathing difficulties.

 c) The mask becomes damaged.



Do not use the respirator to enter or stay in a contaminated area under

the following circumstances:

a) Atmosphere contains less than 19.5% oxygen.

b) If you smell or taste contaminant.

c) For protection against gases or vapors.

d) Contaminants or their concentrations are unknown or immediately dangerous to life or health.

e) For sandblasting, paint-spray operations and asbestos treatment.

f) In explosive atmospheres.




packing carton

480 pcs

Unlocking the Advantages of FFP2 Cup-Shaped Masks: Enhanced Respiratory Protection

When it comes to respiratory protection, FFP2 cup-shaped masks have gained significant popularity for their superior capabilities in safeguarding against airborne particles. These masks offer a range of advantages that make them the perfect choice for enhanced respiratory protection. Let's delve into the benefits of FFP2 cup-shaped masks and understand why they are highly recommended for optimal respiratory well-being.

One of the key advantages of FFP2 cup-shaped masks lies in their enhanced filtration efficiency. Designed to filter out at least 94% of airborne particles, these masks provide a higher level of protection compared to regular surgical masks or cloth coverings. FFP2 cup-shaped masks are particularly effective in capturing small particles such as aerosols, dust, and various pathogens, ensuring cleaner and safer breathing.

Comfort is another prized feature of FFP2 cup-shaped masks. Their ergonomic design, along with adjustable headbands or ear loops, allows for a snug and comfortable fit. The cup-shaped structure offers more breathing space and reduces moisture build-up within the mask, preventing discomfort or fogging of eyeglasses. With FFP2 cup-shaped masks, individuals can wear respiratory protection for extended periods without compromising on comfort.

Protection against a wide range of airborne contaminants is yet another advantage of FFP2 cup-shaped masks. Whether it is fine particulate matter, bacteria, viruses, or allergens, these masks are designed to effectively shield the wearer from inhaling harmful substances. The seal created by the cup-shaped mask ensures that the majority of inhaled air passes through the advanced filtration layers, safeguarding the respiratory system.

FFP2 cup-shaped masks are instrumental in providing enhanced respiratory protection. Their superior filtration efficiency, comfortable fit, and ability to protect against various airborne particles make them a valuable asset in maintaining respiratory well-being. By choosing FFP2 cup-shaped masks, individuals can confidently face respiratory challenges and prioritize their health and safety.

In conclusion, FFP2 cup-shaped masks offer a range of advantages that make them a vital tool for respiratory protection. Their enhanced filtration efficiency, comfortable fit, and ability to defend against a multitude of airborne particles make them the ideal choice for individuals seeking advanced respiratory protection. Prioritize your respiratory well-being by opting for FFP2 cup-shaped masks and breathe easier knowing you're equipped with superior respiratory defense.

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