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Stomach&Intestines Tube

Stomach&Intestines Tube

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Disposable sterile of Stomach&Intestines Tube

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l  Sterilized by EO gas. Non-toxic. Non-pyrogenic, single use only

l  A stomach tube is used to introduce food ,nutrients, medication, or other material into the stomach,or drain undesirable contents from the stomach,or decompress the stomach.

l  The tube is inserted into a patient's stomach through the patient's nose or mouth.

l  The stomach tube is made from PVC in medical grade, consists of main tube and connector .

l  Round and smooth open tip,highly reducing trauma. Heat-polished Eye-Type

l  Lateral eye with smooth edges is less invasive

l  Accurate depth marks

l  Material: Medical grade PVC, with DEHP or DEHP FREE

l  Connector: Funnel shaped connector.Color-coded for identify different sizes.

l  Size: F4, F5, F6, F8, F10, F12, F14, F16, F18, F20, F22

l  Package: Blister / PE


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