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Mix nitrile Gloves

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Product Name: Disposable Vinyl/Nitrile Blend Examination Gloves(Mix Nitrile Gloves)

Vinyl/Nitrile Blend gloves containing no natural latex protein, causing no allergies, and offering affordable and effective safety and hygiene in various work environments for medical, industrial and food handling applications.

The Vinyl/Nitrile Blend gloves is compounded with PVC paste and Nitrile latex, and the finished product has the advantage of both PVC and Nitrile glove.

The donning feeling is better than vinyl gloves.

Much softer than vinyl gloves

The wearing time is longer than Nitrile Gloves.

Easy donning with wet hands and easy donning than nitrile &vinyl gloves.

PU coating, with no protein in it, allergy risk is reduced effectively.

Better protection, good resistance of acid, alkali and oil.

Better cost-performance



Single use, non-sterile, Latex free

Sizes: SMLXL

Color: Blue, Green, Black etc.

Structure: 5 fingers, beaded cuff for easy donning, ambidextrous

Surface: Smooth