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Flocked Swab

Flocked swabs are designed to enhance sample collection efficiency and accuracy. The flocked fibers on the swab surface facilitate optimal absorption and release of biological specimens, ensuring superior sampling capabilities. These swabs are ideal for various applications, including DNA testing, viral or bacterial specimen collection, and diagnostic sampling. Trust our flocked swabs to improve your sample collection process and achieve reliable results in medical, laboratory, and research settings.


Flocked Swab used for cell & virus specimen collection, it has been designed for throat cancer detection, and for clinical diagnostics too. The Flocked Swabs have been well recognized by the diagnostic test kits manufacturer produces reagents in molecular genetics & clinical laboratories.

Item NO.



specimen collection Swab with flocked tip


150mm length , 78mm breakpoint


packed by peel pouch individually, 100pcs/bag, 5000pcs/carton

carton size:51*38*26cm , gross weight: 9.0kg


clinical diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, laboratory, hospital, reagents manufacturers