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saliva collection kit 10 ml

Saliva Collection KitThe product is used to collect high-quality DNA/RNA samples in the saliva. The nucleic acid in the collected samples has a high integrity after being preserved in the preservation solution, and can be used in many biological experiments such as enzymatic hydrolysis, PCR and new-generation sequencing.The collection process is painless and won’t cause any injury or discomfort to the human body.The collected samples can be used for various biological experiments such as enzymatic hydrolysis, PCR and next-generation sequencing and are widely used in the collection and preservation of specimens in hospitals, scientific research institutions and households.

Saliva Collection Kits have been designed for collecting superior samples which used for genetics analysis, and nowadays, they have been used for virus testing widely. MandeLab’s SWABs.html target='_blank'>VTM is perfect for collection, stabilization and transportation of virus specimen.


Use at normal ambient temperature; 

The 5-mL storage tube for preservation solution is filled with 2 mL of Inactivation Medium inactivated solution ;

Samples can be stored and transported at room temperature;

DNA samples can be stored stably for 12 months; 

RNA samples can be stored steadily for 1 month.

Special reminders:This preservation solution has good antibacterial performance and high storage efficiency and can ensure the integrity of viral nucleic acids in the sample when it is used to store inactivated viral samples.

Please don’t eat, drink, smoke or chew gum 1 hour before giving your saliva sample.

1. Risen mouth by clear water to clean intraoral residuum 30 minutes before the collection.

2. Raise the tongue tip against the palate or jaw tooth root for saliva enrichment, spit into the funnel until the amount of liquid saliva (not the bubbles) reaches the scale line.  

3. Please keep the tube upright with one hand and then screw off the funnel with the other hand. Finally, use the other cap to close the tube tightly.

4. Shake the capped tube for around 10 seconds, and then discard or recycle the used funnel.