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Heparin Tube

Vacuum Tube are made from imported raw material, it has excellent compatibility which can well fit the transporter of various different biochemical, immunochemical and hematological analyzers. With complete range of specifications, we can supply the tubes with various special volumes, customized labels to our clients.

Vacuum blood collection tube, PET (glass), Safety cap. OEM label, sterilized,

Product Overview

Heparin tube is used in blood collection for the test of clinical plasma, emergency biochemistry and bloodrheology, etc. With little interference on bloodcompositions and no inuence upon the erythrocyte size, it won't cause hemolysis. Besides, it has the features of quick plasma separation and wide range of operating temperature as well as high compatibility with serum index. The anticoagulant heparin activates fibrinolysin, while restraining the thromboplastin, and then achieves the dynamic balancebetween fibrinogen and fibrin, free of fibrin thread in the inspection process. Most of the plasma indexes can be repeated within 6hours. Lithium heparin not only has the features of sodium heparin, but also can be used in themicroelements test with no effect on sodium ion. To meet various

need of clinical laboratory, KANGJIAN can add plasma separation gel for making high-quality plasma.

- Centrifugation speed: 3500-4000 r/m

- Centrifugation time: 3min

- Recommended storage temperature: 4-25℃

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